Telehealth Services Are Now Available!

Telehealth is the use of electronic communication and technology to remotely provide healthcare information and services. We are becoming more and more of a digital clinic which means safer practices, more convenience for you, and faster communication.

Increased Convenience

Using technology allows patients to communicate with their Telehealth physical therapist from anywhere. A physical therapy visit is now possible for those who may not have a reliable form of transportation multiple times per week, have time constraints, have sustained a new injury and are looking for quick access to advice. We offer free 15 minute video consultations as well.

Increased Communication

A physical therapist can now treat, diagnosis, and educate patients on their conditions. We can also educate family members and make recommendations on their home environment to decrease incidence of injury, teach and re-teach a home exercise program all from the use of technology. If you need help with the use of video calling from your phone or Computer we can teach you or communicate with a family member about your plan.

Safe Practices

You do not need to worry about masks and sanitizers or social distancing while you are in the comforts of your home. We design a plan of therapeutic exercise and education in your session to mirror in person services. Even after the Pandemic is over, we will still continue this practice to ensure everyone feels safe. We do not know how the future looks like but we are adapting to the changes and utilizing technology for it.

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