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Injury Prevention

Injury prevention requires awareness of the risks of injury and dedication to following a skilled individualized plan. This plan should start when an individual is young, developing proper body mechanics and form, and adapting to normal adolescent physical changes. Over the past decade children have been playing, specializing, and getting injured at a rate never seen before. Doctors say the rate of young athletes needing surgery has risen 400% in these 10 years. A clinic in Philadelphia, PA said it has seen a 400% increase in ACL surgeries among teens in 10 years. This mirrors a 148% increase in teen ACL surgery in Australia in 10 years. 

We help you recover and learn ways to prevent future injuries

We need to analyze and detect muscle imbalances, poor movement patterns, and overused areas of the body to prevent an injury. Educating on the importance of rest and recovery and the risks of year round sports and specialization of sports is a vital component in our program as well. Young and old can benefit from an injury prevention screen at KTA Sports Rehab to keep our seasoned athletes or a newcomer to activity safe as possible.  We service the youth, parents of children in sports, Athletes above the age of 18, and everyone interested in playing sports. 

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