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Want to get ahead of the game? Gain access to many of our patient registration forms online. These can be completed and printed in the comfort of your home to save you some extra work at check-in.

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Direct Access means you are seen today!!

Direct access, which is also known as self-referral, refers to the ability that a patient can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist of “THEIR CHOICE” without the need for a referral or prescription from a doctor.
By allowing direct access, Physical therapists are now recognized as a top choice when it comes to choosing a healthcare professional to manage pain, muscle, bone, ligaments, tendon and movement disorders in all patient populations. New Jersey allows for 30 days or 12  sessions of physical therapy visits before a doctor referral is necessary to continue. If you are in pain or need a consult and care you can be seen as soon as today in person or through Telehealth.
Don’t push off that stiff neck, sore muscle, or the back pain you are experiencing. Make a decision about your pain and begin your journey on being the healthiest version of yourself!!

We Now Offer Telehealth Services!

Telehealth is the use of electronic communication and technology to remotely provide healthcare information and services. We are becoming more and more of a digital clinic which means safer practices, more convenience for you, and faster communication.

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