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We Provide Total Mind & Body Care

Katura is a Holistic Health service that provides Home care involving  physical, Occupational, speech Therapy, in-depth health consultation and guidance, and wellness with nutrition. The name Katura is derived from African culture and means ” Relief” in Swahilli and “take a burden off my mind in Zimbabwe. We started our journey late 2019 and opened our doors during the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020 to combat health disparities in our community.  We aim to be the solution to being unbalanced in your health journey.

Whether you are experiencing aches and pains, suffer from chronic health conditions,  developmental disabilities, or want to improve your  physical and mental health overall: we are here to help and heal physically and digitally.   

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Sick and tired of making appointments that are not improving your health?

At Katura we can help!


About Our Doctor,
Dr. Marc Antony Marcelin

Dr. Marc Antony Marcelin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy born and raised in Essex County NJ. He is from Haitian descent and ethnicity and draws deep in his Haitian culture. He is an experienced medical professional graduating From Neumann University in 2018 and locally from Rutgers University in 2014.

Dr. Marc’s professional training involves Sports, Orthopedic, Neurological, and Developmental disabilities. He loves sports such as basketball, tennis,  international and American football. He also loves running in races and biking. Dr. Marc’s philosophy is providing Growth & Love to every client he comes across on their journey of health. This philosophy brought him into the field and why he continues to care for so many people today. As well as his holistic treating style to prevent injuries long term; Strong Core and Glutes with mobile and flexible hips and Lower back can prevent many Lower body injuries. Strong deep neck muscles matched with relaxed traps and lower cranium tissue can prevent strain and neck pain.

He believes in herbs and natural remedies to prevent needing chemicals to maintain your body’s natural homeostasis.  

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